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The Art of Ratting

With Dave Platts & Joe Woolley and the Coalville Rat-Pack

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What's it About?

This film is called 'The Art of Ratting', but in truth there is not really a lot of art involved in ratting with dogs.


The first thing you need is a willing farmer, then a team of enthusiastic Ratting men. You will need a few spades, a cut down chainsaw (for the exhaust fumes), a pack of rampant Plummer Terriers, and any other breeds available. Then you let them loose on the farm, wood or spinney and watch the mayhem from a safe distance. Its action all the way.

Don’t forget Rats cause disease and destruction wherever they are found, and the service the Ratting Men provide is essential in rural England. It’s also a lot of fun to watch, even if its not your cup of tea.


No-one likes a rat.



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