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Ratting: Revisited

Featuring Dave Platts & the late Albert Fox

Ratting Revisited with Dave Platts.jpg

What's it About?

Enter the secret world of ratting with dogs.


The rat-hunters don’t like strangers around and usually conduct their hunts in private. This 2 hour film takes us on a couple of interesting rat hunts.  First up is the “The Chicken Farm”, and is the re-release of the classic Albert Fox film. Albert is no longer with us, but his character lives on in this unique film. Its non-stop ratting action, as the eager terriers seek their quarry.
Second up, is a trip to “The Pig Farm” on this Dave Platts organised event. We take with us Dave McBlain (the actor) who was fresh off the set of the hit movie Gangs of New York. Much to our surprise he decided to present this film. Ratting is the most exhilarating of sports as the terriers get down to the business of clearing the vermin.

This video has been deleted.
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