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The Gypsy and The Poacher

With Dave Platts & Joe Woolley


What's it About?

It was one of those weekends when we all had nowt better to do. Dave Platts said “Let’s make a film then”. And that is exactly what we did. We made this pre-hunting-ban film with no script or direction, and with just half a dozen men with nothing better to do. The Gypsy & the Poacher will never win an Oscar, but we had a bloody good laugh making it….

Historic Films UK


Let us take you back in time to the 1960s and around the beautiful countryside in Leicestershire. It’s here that we meet Joe Woolley (the gypsy) and Dave Platts (the notorious poacher). Travelling in an Open Lot gypsy caravan, the Gypsy and the Poacher show us a life from years gone bye, as they travel the lanes and hunt for food. Dave Platts was told by the old boys that you can’t starve in England, if you know what you’re looking for and how to catch it, there’s plenty for everyone, he certainly proves his point in this programme.

This film includes (pre-ban) scenes of rabbit netting, snaring, coursing, ferreting and a re-enactment of a bare knuckle fight. There’s a visit from entertainer Dr Busker who sings songs about both Dave Platts and Joe Woolley.

Filmed in a 1960s style and re-released due to popular demand.

The Gypsy & the Poacher

The Gypsy & the Poacher

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