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Bare Knuckle: Blood on their hands

Warning: Extreme Violence

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What's it About?

Welcome to the underground sport of Bare Knuckle Boxing.

The rules are simple. No kicking, no biting, no gouging, no holding on and certainly no headbutting. Two men, toe to toe fighting without gloves. Bare Knuckle. The winning fighter wins either by a knockout or a submission.

This unique documentary features two bareknuckle boxing fights:

Fight one: Leicester Bulldog v Retford Harry
This awesome fight is great opener. Refereed by Legendry Street Fighter Decca Simpkin, and held at a secret location in Leicestershire. The fight nearly didn’t take place, because a few weeks before, Leicester Bulldog was in intensive care after being shot in the stomach at point blank range by a Birmingham hoodlum, who months later went on to murder a man. He is now serving life imprisonment.  Luckily Bulldog managed to recover and was eager to fight 12 weeks after major surgery. 

Fight two: Leicester Bulldog v Dave (The Beast) Radford
Probably one of the most brutal bloody fights in bare knuckle history, featuring probably, one of the bloodiest Bare Knuckle Fights in the history of the sport. Set in a Leicestershire field where all hell broke loose, on a lovely sunny afternoon. Packed with interviews, training and a great commentary. This documentary should have you on the edge of your seat.

Running time 60 minutes (approx)

This video has been deleted.
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