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Gordon Boswell: The Gentleman Gypsy

A Guided Tour of The Gordon Boswell Romany Gypsy Museum


What's it About?

This is a re-release of a remarkable film about the late Gordon Boswell from Spalding, Lincolnshire, who was known as "The Gentleman Gypsy".

Gordon Boswell‘s Romany Museum in Spalding contains one of the country's finest collections of Romany vardo's (gypsy caravans) carts and harnesses in the world.  In this unique film Gordon give us a guided tour and talks about the old Romany Way of Life, and how he came to own one of the most beautiful collections of Romany history in the world.

This film pays homage to a wonderful man who is sadly missed by all who knew him.


Running Time 70 minutes

This video has been deleted.
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