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A Romany Summer

The Classic 1970s Gypsy Film & Bonus Feature "A Family Affair"


What's it About?

In the early 1970s a documentary called "A Romany Summer" was released. It featured a family of Romany Travellers in Yorkshire who roamed and lived in the lanes on the outskirts of York.


The film features many aspects of a life that has now changed beyond recognition.  The main character in the film is Cocker Smith.  He and his family begrudgingly allowed the cameras to capture their life on the road as they travel from village to village scraping a living making and selling pegs and dealing in horses.


The film was well received back in the 1970s, and today is an historic piece of work recalling rural England, and a bygone way of life.

The second film “A Family Affair” is a short featuring the gypsies and horse dealers at Lee Gap Fair. Every year hundreds of gypsies and travellers descend on West Ardsley for the annual Lee Gap Fair. The horse trading fair is said to have been chartered by King Stephen in 1139, making it England's oldest horse fair.

Running time 60 minutes

This video has been deleted.
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