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Best of British Ratting

Not for the squeamish!


What's it About?

Not one, two, or three... But four great rat hunts mixed together in one film.


The Gentry Rat Hunt in Lincolnshire. No smokers or chainsaws, just reliable dogs hunting the old fashioned way. Great ratting action on a lovely crisp sunny morning.

The Bridgnorth Rat Hunt.... Dave Platts & David McBlain and a pack of rampant Plumber Terriers glide us through a mornings ratting in downtown Bridgnorth.


The Piggery with Ann and Steve Hill.... In monsoon conditions the legendary Patterdale cross Jack Russell terrier Jude shows us the power of her nose. Rat after rat bites the dust and are dispatched without mercy.  

Measham Mayhem “The main event”. Dave Platts brings a team of seasoned ratters together for a morning of fun frolics and mass murder. 284 rats in two and a half hours as an unsuspecting Pig Farm gets the full treatment.


Commentary By Paul Donoghue.
Running time 120 minutes (approx)

Best of British Ratting

Best of British Ratting

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