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Ratting with Albert Fox

Featuring the late Albert Fox & His Rat Pack

Ratting A Massacre at Grindley on the Hill.jpg

What's it About?

Hold onto your hats as we meet up with Albert and the older gentlemen of Ratting fame. In two and a half hours Albert’s rat pack dispatched 187 rats as they went to work on a game farm at Grindley on the Hill. 

On the day the rat pack had the use of a large fork lift truck. This was used to lift partridge sheds, to see what lay underneath. There were some sheds with up to 25 rats under them. This film is bedlam from start to finish, as rat after rat bit the dust as the terriers did their job around the farm.  On our second visit we used the fumes from a chainsaw to smoke out and round up any rodents we missed on the first sweep. Packed with great interviews and comments from a team who have been doing this job for decades.


Albert Fox has sadly passed away, but his memory lives on in our unique films. R.I.P. Albert Fox.

Duration: 60 Minutes (Approx)

Narration by Paul Donoghue

Albert Fox Ratting A Massacre at Grindley on the Hill

Albert Fox Ratting A Massacre at Grindley on the Hill

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