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Dave Platts website terms & conditions

HISTORIC FILMS is the owner of this website has been a good friend of Dave Platts for the best part of 3 decades. Dave Platts has never missed an opportunity to get the camera gear out and film something interesting. Between them they have have travelled thousands of miles enjoying traditional English events and escapades.

This website has been created due to popular demand. The time and the technology were right to start streaming our unique films in the digital era.

We hope that you enjoy our films and will come back and visit this site many times in the future. 


Our Terms and Conditions

Any goods, services, or information displayed on this website should not be regarded as an offer, invitation, solicitation, advice, or recommendation to buy products or services on the website. No warranties or representations are made about any goods other than as expressly contained in this Website. To the extent permissible by law all implied terms, whether by statute or otherwise, are excluded.


Video streaming is a type of media streaming in which the data from a video file is continuously delivered via the Internet to a remote user. It allows a video to be viewed online without being downloaded on a host computer or device.

After purchase the customer can stream a film directly to their computer, tablet, phone or smart devices. A £5 purchase to keep allows the customer 365 day access to the film of their choice. After 365 days access to the film will terminate.


Making a purchase could not be easier. Just browse our extensive website and click on any items that you wish to buy, stream or download. After you have finished your selection, you will be guided to our PayPal page where you can pay for your item. This website is run on a non-profit basis. All payments are treated as a donation to keep our extensive video, film, document, and photographic archive in good condition for future generations to view and enjoy.



Please note this website offers digital material for sale. No hard copies are available unless specifically advertised to purchase as such.



RALLYSCENE/HISTORIC FILMS do not see your Credit/Debit card details when you order on-line. Only your contact and order details are supplied to us by secure email. Every reasonable care has been taken to protect the confidentiality of your credit or debit card details.

RALLYSCENE/HISTORIC FILMS cannot be held liable if, through no fault of its own if these details are intercepted by and used by a third party. All personal details are handled in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and our own Privacy Policy. All Customer details are destroyed within 14 days of customer downloads/stream being made.

PLEASE NOTE: English law applies to this contract. We practice a policy of continual review and reserve the right to change the above terms and conditions at any time without notice.



RALLYSCENE/HISTORIC FILMS is completely dedicated to your total satisfaction. If you have any suggestions or comments to make please email us at


RALLYSCENE/HISTORIC FILMS will not disclose customers' information to third parties. Cookies are used on this website to keep track of the contents of your shopping experience once you have selected an item..


RALLYSCENE/HISTORIC FILMS Own or licence all material displayed on this website. We own the copyright to all music and imagery that is made available to customers.


We film Old England for future generations to enjoy.

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