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Hello and welcome to the Official Dave Platts website. Here we pay tribute to Leicestershire character Dave Platts and the many special interest films made that feature the notorious poacher, deerhound breeder, sportsman and all-round legend.

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Historic Films proudly presents Dave Platts "A Breed Apart", the life story of the renowned recreator of the English Deerhound and notorious Leicestershire poacher. Join David as he takes on a journey through the decades of his life and his unconventional opinion on the modern world.

Dave Platts, the renowned Leicestershire poacher, has an interesting back catalogue of films about a variety of subjects including gypsy history, traditional British life, bare knuckle boxing, and ratting and poaching. You can stream a selection of these films on our website, and we are always adding more so be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date.

The English Deerhound was an extinct dog breed, lost to the annals of historic England. Dave Platts had a singular vision, to recreate the English Deerhound, bringing the breed back from the past and back into the present.

Here you can learn more about the recreation of the English Deerhound breed, how and why it has been brought back, and what is being done to make sure it stays around this time.

Gypsy Life In Britain

Dave Platts' mother Frances was a member of the famous Toon family of Leicestershire dealers, and his father was John Augustus Levi Platts. His heritage and history ran deep in the world noble grafters and recognised dealers and merchants. Here we have a selection of classic films portraying historic gypsy life in Britain, "A Romany Summer", "Appleby Fair - The Golden Year" and "Ratting with Albert Fox".

Romany Summer Front Cover.jpg

The amazing classic gypsy film from the 1970s, Romany Summer. Join Cocker Smith and his gypsy family in this fly on the wall documentary film.

GoldenYear Front Cover 1.jpg

See the gypsies & Travellers enjoying the horses & mayhem at the world famous Appleby Horse Fair 

Chicken Farm Front Cover Option 2.jpg

We join the late Albert Fox on a rat hunt of distinction. The Massacre at Grindley on the Hill. Truly awesome Ratting.

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